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Forget Every Social Media Rule & Just Do This.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

What if you forgot every rule of social media, and you solely focused on sharing the absolute best content that's humanly possible.

That is, you sought to create the most inspiring content. You cultivated the best quality content. You produced the most beautiful, meaningful, substantive, dynamic content - something incredibly far beyond the average.

Would the rules even matter?

Let's consider...

1) Frequency of Posts

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to how many posts per week is 'just right'. But if we are making a commitment to unparalleled content, how might this affect frequency?

Well... when content is of the utmost quality, this does in fact seem to minimize the importance of frequency. That's because each amazing post will far outperform a series of average posts. It might not matter that your next post comes out days later, a week or even a month. If your content is genuinely special, engagement numbers will outperform at a much higher rate. And this will catapult the reach of your post to more audiences based on social algorithms, in addition to increasing the post's rank in special sections such as the Explore tab. Not to mention being shared by users to their friends and an entirely new round of audiences (and subsequently a third round, fourth, etc.), creating a viral effect.

Thus, a commitment to quality renders frequency of posts less important.

For an intriguing example, look at this absolutely random (non-celeb) kid who occasionally recorded YouTube videos explaining difficult academic concepts - but in the simplest of ways. (In particular this video is greatness.)

And here's another example of a unique foodie account, which prioritizes quality over consistent frequency.

2) Timing of Posts

Many people seem to think that the timing of your post matters a great deal. But if we decide to only share the best of the best content, does the timing really matter?

As you may know, Instagram reveals when your audience is most active online - both by hours and by day. Yet the time and/or day you share a post becomes less important when you're only sharing superior content. That's because... as mentioned... most social platforms use an algorithm to determine which posts are displayed. And if a post is receiving way above-average marks in engagement, that post will be circulated to a far wider audience.

Decide to share your post at midnight on a Tuesday? No problem... everyone who sees your amazing post at that time will interact with it, causing it to register highly in the algorithm - and subsequently populate to others' feeds (whenever they wake up and check their feed).

For these reasons, you can see why posting incredible content can be far more important than what time or day you post.

3) Caption Length, Grid Aesthetic, Hash Tags

Caption length has always been a debate. But if the actual content is so good that it speaks for itself, we would question whether you need a caption at all - outside of perhaps explaining a few details. But if you feel compelled to share lots of details, that works too as long as the content itself is next-level.

Some people claim that the best social media accounts need a defined aesthetic that fits together seamlessly in the grid. But consider Gary Vaynerchuk, who's considered to have excellent content yet pays no attention whatsoever to aesthetics.

Then, other people seem to believe that hash tags are a vital element for content. But try checking the posts of the world's greatest content makers, and overwhelmingly you'll find that they never use hash tags in posts at all.

**Commit to Greatness**

You see... in virtually any scenario, no matter what people say the rules are - incredible content trumps all. When you commit to making the world's best content, your social media program is transformed as each new amazing post furthers the reach of your account and makes it more of a true destination.

Keep in Mind...

In case you're feeling inspired to take over the social media world, we should mention... it helps if you've already acquired at least some followers on social. If you have no followers, virtually no one is seeing your content yet.

That said, you can accelerate your success (even in the beginning stages) if you make a legit commitment to greatness. Just set your sights on being the best. If you keep at it, you'll get there in time.

A final noteworthy consideration is to advertise and/or boost the incredible content you're creating. Don't have a massive following yet? Then you can reach new audiences by advertising your posts. The more you spend, the more people you can reach.

Some Creators to Inspire You

Finally, we'd like to share a variety of content creators who we believe made a true commitment to creating the best content. Check out...

•  Casey Neistat - YouTuber known for the epic proportions of his videos

•  Murad Osmann - His uniquely beautiful & inspiring images sparked a global trend

•  Sweet Daze - Delectably intricate sweets & treats

•  Chalkboard Nails - Next-level nail creations

•  Humans of NY - Incredible stories of New Yorkers you'd pass on the street everyday

Now, learn some killer tips on how to boost the reach of your content via social ads! Click HERE to read “5 Hot Tips to Create Killer Social Ads.”

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