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5 Hot Tips to Create Killer Social Ads

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Master these five tips to create a social ad that gets results.

1. Choose Video Over Image

Statistically, videos outperform static images when it comes to social ads. So it is to your advantage to opt for video as your chosen asset if possible. Now when we say “video,” this could entail a number of formats: short-form video, animation, GIF or even the intriguing cinemagraph. Bottom line, video leads to higher engagement and conversion – assuming the asset is compelling, high-quality and not something that prompts sharp side pains upon viewing.

Oh by the way, we’re not the only ones who recommend video. If you speak to Facebook/Instagram’s ad reps, they’ll endorse the use of video over image in social ads pretty much every darn time. (We speak with them often.)

2. Think from the Consumer Perspective

Here’s an idea – step away from your own two eyes as the marketer – and see things from the perspective of the person who will actually be viewing your ad.

Think it over. What will this person, who might not know your product or brand, find compelling about it? What value can it add to their lives? Highlighting this fact is a great place to start.

Also consider who your target demographic is. That is, the person you’ll eventually be targeting with your ad to get them to buy your product, follow you, take action, etc. Speak to them. Consider what type of message will connect with them. Think of the peripheral elements that might apply to them – what tone will resonate with them, what type of model can they relate to, what would grab their attention?

3. Create Something that Stands Out

Believe it or not, people don’t flock to social media to watch ads. To find success, you’ll need to engage them with something that catches their eye and can hold their attention.

Effective social ads use “push marketing” – a fancy term, which in this case simply means to push someone away from their feed content, diverting their attention with a compelling ad to the destination of your choosing; ie: your website, your profile, a special landing page, etc.

The only problem: You have very little time to win their affections. In a mere fraction of a second, they will scroll past your ad and never look back. Hence, your video needs to grab attention – and right from the very start. Try to stand out in a sea of posts by taking a unique approach that surprises and delights.

4. Present Some Kind of Value

The best content provides value, whether that be in the form of inspiration, knowledge, entertainment, humor or even something wholly unique to get people thinking. If you can demonstrate value in your product, you’re creating a real proposition.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate value is to show the benefit of your product. Consider how it can enrich your audience’s life. Think how can it make their life better. Then, underscore this fact in your video. Research indicates that ads showing a product’s benefit consistently outperform ads explaining how a product works.

5. Don’t Make it Look Like an Ad

Honestly, we all get sick of ads. When you scroll to see what your friends are posting – boom – there’s an ad. When you’re looking up cooking vids on YouTube, ay caramba; there’s an ad to watch. And when listlessly eyeing animal memes, you’re inevitably slapped with yet another ad. It never ends.

For this very reason, don’t let your ad look or feel like an ad. It should be natural, enjoyable and “native” to one’s feed if you will. If it seems like an outright ad, it’s an instant turnoff.

Conversely, the more authentic and soul-filled your ad, the stronger it will perform. This means don’t shout at people to buy now or proclaim how awesome your product is – but rather, present an authentic context to how your brand can enhance their lives.

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