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Digital News: July 14, 2021

Instagram Tests New 'Re-Share' Sticker for Stories to Encourage More Thoughtful Feed Post Sharing (Social Media Today)

This will no doubt ruffle some feathers within the Instagram community. Today, Instagram is launching a new test of a 'Re-Share' sticker for Instagram Stories, which will enable people to re-share feed posts that they've recently viewed in the app via a new, dedicated sharing format, as opposed to simply re-pasting the entire feed post into a Stories frame. Read more:

Trump is Suing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over Censorship Claims (TechCrunch)

In his first press event since ignominiously leaving office earlier this year, former President Donald Trump announced that he is launching a volley of class-action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, claiming that the three companies violated his First Amendment rights. Read more:

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