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September 20, 2019

Facebook Rolls Out New Video Tools, Plus Instagram and IGTV Scheduling Feature (TechCrunch)

Facebook on Monday announced a number of updates aimed at video creators and publishers, during a session at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) taking place in Amsterdam. The updates involve changes to live video broadcasting, Facebook’s Watch Party and Creator Studio, and they include enhancements to tools, expanded feature sets and improved analytics, among other things. Read more:

Twitter Provides Option to Hide Replies to Users in the US and Japan (Social Media Today)

After launching the initial test of its option to hide tweet replies to Canadian users back in June, Twitter has now announced that the experiment is being broadened to users in Japan and the US, a significant expansion of its test pool. Read more:

The Techlash Isn’t Big Enough to Stop Facebook from Selling Video Chat Devices for Your Living Room (Recode)

A year ago, when Facebook launched its own video chat device, it seemed like a clueless move by an out-of-touch tech giant: Under fire for abusing its users’ privacy, Facebook was still stumbling forward with a video camera that would surveil its users in their homes. Who would want that?

Plenty of people, Facebook seems to be insisting: Rather than walk away from its Portal devices, Facebook is pushing out more of them, including one that’s supposed to let your friends watch you watching Facebook videos on your TV. Read more:

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