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September 13, 2019

Instagram Is Reportedly Working on a New Tool Which Replicates TikTok's Key Features (Social Media Today)

There's one thing that you can be absolutely certain of with every new social media trend these days - replication. Any time you see a new tool, a new app, a new trending function, you can bet that other platforms will seek to copy it, in an effort to maximize their own potential, for one, but also, to limit the impact of the competition. If you can get all the latest features and tools in the apps you already know and love, there's no need to download and check out any others, right? Evidently that theory works, at least to some degree, as this week, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has found that Instagram is once again replicating a competitors' features, this time with TikTok in the firing line. Read more:

Google Photos Adds a Time-Traveling Version of Stories, Plus More Sharing and Printing Options (TechCrunch)

Google Photos is getting its own version of Stories. But instead of focusing on what you’re doing now, as Stories on other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat offer, Google Photos is adopting the format to help you take a trip down memory lane. The feature is one of several updates coming to the photo-sharing service that focuses on helping you reconnect with your old photos that often get forgotten after upload. Read more:

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