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May 14, 2020

French Parliament Passes Law Requiring Social Media Companies Delete Certain Content Within an Hour (CNN) The French parliament passed a controversial hate speech law on Wednesday that would fine social media companies if they fail to remove certain illegal content within 24 hours -- and in some cases, as little as one hour. The new regulation calls for the tech platforms to remove hateful comments -- based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability, as well as sexual harassment -- within 24 hours after they are flagged by users. Terrorist and child pornography content must be removed within one hour of being flagged. Read more: Social Media Networks Scrambling to Remove Viral ‘Plandemic’ Conspiracy Video (NY Post) Social media networks are scrambling to get rid of a viral conspiracy video spreading false claims about the coronavirus, according to a report. The roughly 26-minute “Plandemic Movie” has been viewed and shared widely on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo, and clips of it also circulated on Twitter this week, CNBC reported. Read more: This Is Huge: Twitter CEO Says Employees Can Work From Home ‘Forever’ (Forbes) There’s no way to spin this news other than to say it’s a troubling sign when the CEO of a massively popular company is telling employees they can stay home forever. [...] In a memo obtained by BuzzFeed News, he also announced that the office will likely stay closed all summer and that the social media giant will likely postpone all in-person events this year. Read more: Facebook’s Redesign Goes Live with Simplified Navigation and Dark Mode (TechCrunch) After months of testing, Facebook’s redesign is finally official. Announced last year at F8, the more minimalist approach to its desktop design has been rolled out in waves. In March, the company added an option to try out the new version. Users could switch back and leave feedback for why they had done so. This week, the redesign becomes official (and until you get it, the option to update manually is available, too). Read more: Facebook Brings its Cartoonish 'Avatars' to US Users (Social Media Today) US users get excited - Facebook's Bitmoji-style Avatars are coming to you. After initially launching them in Australia last June, then rolling them out across Europe last month, Facebook's Fidji Simo today confirmed that the cartoonish likenesses will be available in the US from today. Read more:

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