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March 4, 2020

Instagram Is Testing a New Video Response Option for IGTV (Social Media Today)

Instagram looks to be trying to add in a TikTok-style video response option for IGTV, with a new 'Video Reactions' option in testing that would enable IGTV creators to allow viewers to respond to their content with videos of their own. Read more:

Teen Hit Yolo Raises $8M to Let You Snapchat Anonymously (TechCrunch)

It wasn’t a fad. Yolo became the country’s No. 1 app just a week after launch by letting teens ask for anonymous replies to questions they posted on Snapchat. But nine months later, Yolo is still in the top 100 iOS apps and has 10 million active users. Now it’s safeguarding the app from predators while revealing a smart new feature for spinning up anonymous group chats, powered by $8 million in fresh funding. Read more:

How LinkedIn Plans To Use SnapChat-ish Stories To Engage Younger Professionals (Forbes)

[...] LinkedIn’s answer to SnapChat and Instagram stories—LinkedIn Stories—is on the horizon. In an interview with the Verge, LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products, Pete Davies, said that “stories offer a lighter, more casual way of interacting in the business-focused world that makes up LinkedIn, instead of the formal messaging and posting that make up the bulk of interactions on the site.” Read more:

Twitter Starts Testing Its Own version of Stories, Called ‘Fleets,’ Which Disappear After 24 Hours (TechCrunch)

Twitter is testing its own version of Stories. The company announced today it will begin to trial a new sharing format called “Fleets,” starting in Brazil, which will let users post ephemeral content to its social network for the first time. Unlike Tweets, Twitter’s new Fleets can’t receive Likes, Replies or Retweets. And they’ll disappear entirely after 24 hours. Read more:

Facebook Will Allow Users to Create 3D Photos Without Portrait Mode Camera (Hypebeast)

Facebook has announced in a blog post that its newly adopted 3D photo feature will no longer require a portrait photo. The news details that with the help of artificial intelligence, old 2D photos will be able to benefit from the feature, no matter how old it is. Read more:

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