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How to Win Hundreds of New Organic Followers Each Week

What if you could gain hundreds of new Instagram followers each week – who are 100% your exact target audience – for absolutely free … Is this something you might be interested in? (To be read in your best infomercial voice.)

It’s true! In this blog, we'll break down how we can win hundreds of new followers for our clients each week without paying for advertising. The method we will describe is an organic strategy that is available to anyone and can be used at any time. To get started, simply follow the five steps we’ve outlined below.

Step 1: Identify Competitors That Have Your Same Target Audience

First, you need to map out a few competitors who have your exact same target audience. Identify competitors who offer very similar products to your own, as well as having a sizeable number of followers.

For example, if you are a west coast streetwear fashion brand, consider what is another west coast streetwear brand who would have followers interested in your brand. Or if you are a modern watch brand, determine what is another watch brand within your exact same niche with very similar product offerings.

As mentioned, you’ll want to identify a competitor who has built a sizeable audience that you can leverage for yourself.

Step 2: Prepare to Engage

Next, you’ll want to select one of the competitors, visit their account and click onto their 'Followers' list. Peruse their followers and find users whose accounts are not set to private and appear relevant to your own product offering.

Pay special attention to users who have a ratio of less followers than accounts that they are following, as these users have a higher likelihood of actually following you.

Now that you’ve completed steps one and two, it’s time to engage!

Step 3: Craft a Dynamic Comment that Piques Curiosity

In order to engage these new target users effectively, you’re going to need to craft a dynamic comment that stands out, piques their curiosity and creates an emotional connection.

Start out by liking three to four of the user’s most recent posts, so that you’re showing support as well as standing out in their notifications. Now, select one recent post that seems relevant to your own product offering if possible – and leave a comment that carries a positive and upbeat tone, complimenting the person in some way. The comment should be original (meaning not too generic), sincere and relevant to the subject of the post. Also, the comment should hint at the fact that the user might like your products as well.

For example, if you are a west coast streetwear fashion brand, perhaps you choose a recent photo of the user wearing a cool outfit, and you say, “This outfit is everything! You’d look great in our new tie-die hoodie 💙“ Or perhaps something along the lines of: “We love the color-blocking – very well done! You might dig our new line of color-blocked tees 💙“

(Obviously we love a heart emoji.)

Step 4: Interact with as Many Users as Possible

Think of it like this… you’re fishing for new followers – and you’re baiting the hook by spreading goodwill and positivity to new target users.

Since the goal is to win as many new followers as possible, you’ll need to interact with as many new users as you can to increase your chances. Hence you’ll want to move rapidly from one account to the next, touching as many new users as you can.

However, never sacrifice sincerity and originality in your quest to move faster. Remain steadfast in creating a real emotional connection by leaving an outstanding comment that makes the user feel in some genuine way, as well as casting a positive light on your brand.

Step 5: Invest the Time and Energy to See Results

If there is a catch to this strategy, it’s this: In order to see results, this method requires time, effort and attention to detail. You’ll need to set aside time and stay consistent each day if you really want to capitalize on this method and win hundreds of new followers each week.

The good news is that it’s all there waiting for you. Literally, the more you invest in this strategy, the more you will get out of it in terms of winning new followers.

In fact, countless influencers and brands have relied on this exact strategy to build their following from scratch and gain initial momentum for their account. Perhaps you can too! 💙💙

Of course, you'll want to make sure your feed looks amazing for all the new users who'll be visiting your account. Click HERE to read our "5 Steps to Sharpen Your Social Media Aesthetic!"

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