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February 20, 2020

Why 2020 Is a Critical Global Tipping Point for Social Media (Forbes)

This year is likely the last one ever in which you can say that more than half the planet is not on social media. [...] That 3.8 billion is 49% of the planet’s population, and it grew 9% over the past year. That means it’s extremely likely that sometime this calendar year, more than half of all of us will be active social media users. Read more:

Instagram Prototypes ‘Latest Posts’ Feature (TechCrunch)

Instagram users who miss the reverse chronological feed might get a new way to see the most recent pics and videos from who they follow. Instagram has been spotted internally prototyping a “Latest Posts” feature. It appears as a pop-up over the main feed and brings users to a special area showing the newest content from their network. Read more:

Twitter Adds New Option to Add New Tweets Into Old Tweet Threads (Social Media Today)

I could almost hear the circuit grids of a million keyboards cracking as Twitter users responded to this gleeful new update. "Now you can add a Tweet to one you already Tweeted, faster!" So, that seems pretty cool, pretty helpful. I mean, it's not an amazing, groundbreaking update that will revolutionize the system, but it provides a simple way to add to your old tweets. Read more:

TikTok Tests Direct Website Links on Profiles (Social Media Today)

This could be a big update for brands on TikTok. The rising video app is reportedly looking to add a new URL field into its profile bios, which would provide a means to drive traffic back to your website direct from the app. Read more:

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