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Digital News: September 14, 2020

Oracle Wins Bid to Become TikTok's 'Trusted Technology Provider' in US (Business Insider)

Oracle confirmed Monday it's agreed to be ByteDance's "trusted technology provider" in the US, the culmination of a long battle to find a way for TikTok to remain in the US.

The proposed deal has been submitted to the US government for approval. The exact terms of the deal are unclear, but it appears that it will not be an outright sale to Oracle. Read more:

Preparing Our Partners for iOS 14 (Facebook)

We, along with the rest of the business community, continue to await final policy details from Apple. Given Apple’s delayed implementation of the user permission requirement, we will continue collecting IDFA on iOS 14 in an attempt to reduce unnecessary disruption to our customers’ businesses. Read more:

TikTok Reveals More Insights Into How Its Algorithm Recommends Content (Social Media Today)

Back in March, TikTok announced its plans to launch a new Transparency Center in LA, where it would open its doors to regulators, journalists and politicians who wanted to see how its platform works, with insights into its algorithms, its content moderation processes, and more.

The initiative, a means to counter negative press about its internal processes, has since been rendered largely ineffective due to COVID-19 restrictions, but this week, TikTok has outlined its new virtual tour of its Transparency Center, while it's also opened its doors to selected journalists, and revealed new insights into how its platform works. Read more:

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