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Digital News: July 3, 2020

Facebook Changes News Feed to Prioritize Original Reporting (The Independent)

Facebook is making a change to its News Feed algorithm that will prioritise original reporting and stories with “transparent authorship”. The social media giant announced the news in a blog post written by Campbell Brown, the company’s VP of Global News Partnerships and Product Manager Jon Levin. Facebook will look at groups of articles on a particular story, and identify which ones are most often cited as the original source. Read more:

Instagram’s Latest Test Puts All Stories on One Page (TechCrunch)

[...] Instagram is testing a way to expand the Stories experience, making it a more of a central focus in the Instagram app. The company is newly testing a feature that will allow Instagram users to see more Stories at once, both on the home screen and in a new Stories-only experience. In the test, users will initially see two rows of Stories instead of one at the top of the screen when they first open the Instagram app. A button will also appear beneath this expanded Stories area that lets you click to “See All Stories.” Read more:

TikTok Made Stars Out of These Villagers in India. Then It Was Banned (LA Times)

[...] India this week banned TikTok and 58 other apps developed by Chinese companies, labeling them threats to national security, in apparent retaliation for the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers in a melee with Chinese troops on the countries’ disputed Himalayan border two weeks ago. The announcement dealt a blow to China, whose tech industry is a source of national pride and a key competitor in an emergent Cold War with the U.S. But it also illustrated how ubiquitous and influential Chinese apps and other digital products have become around the world, transforming lives even as rival governments worry about their potential for harm. Read more:

‘Influencer Deals Are Being Paused’: As Facebook Boycott Begins in Earnest, Influencer Marketing Feels a Sting (Digiday)

As the advertiser boycott of Facebook continues to gather steam, with over 530 marketers committing to move ad dollars from the platform for at least the month of July, some are also pressing pause on influencer campaigns. In doing so, marketers are either postponing planned influencer campaigns altogether or delaying any use of paid ads on Facebook and Instagram to boost influencers’ organically posted content until August, according to agency executives. Read more:

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