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Digital News: July 23, 2020

Instagram Confirms Its TikTok Rival, Reels, Will Launch in the US in Early August (TechCrunch)

Instagram confirmed it’s preparing to soon launch its TikTok competitor, known as Reels, in the U.S. The company expects to bring the new video feature — which is designed specifically for short-form, creative content — to its platform in early August, according to a spokesperson. The U.S. launch comes shortly after Reels’ arrival in India this month, following a ban of TikTok in that market. Reels has also been tested in Brazil, France, and Germany. Read more:

US Moves to Ban TikTok on All Government-Issued Devices Due to Concerns Around Connection with China (Social Media Today)

In another concerning sign for TikTok, the US House of Representatives voted on Monday to have the app banned from all Government-issued devices, due to concerns around data collection and potential spying by Chinese authorities. Read more:

Instagram Releases a New ‘Personal Fundraiser’ Feature for Crowdfunding (Forbes)

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an increase in the number of crowdfunding campaigns for hospital bills, funeral expenses and other coronavirus-related causes, and now Instagram announced Personal Fundraiser, a new tool that lets users raise money for personal causes. Read more:

TikTok Wants to Hire 10,000 Staff in the U.S. Even Though It’s at Risk of Being Banned (CNBC)

TikTok announced Tuesday it plans to hire 10,000 staff in the U.S. over the next three years, despite a possible ban for the Chinese-owned app. As TikTok’s popularity has soared, the number of full-time TikTok employees in the U.S. has gone from under 500 at the start of the year to almost 1,400 today. Read more:

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