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Digital News: July 15, 2020

Snapchat Begins Testing TikTok-Style Vertical Swiping Navigation (AdWeek)

Snapchat is testing a new way to navigate through public content on its application that should be very familiar to users of TikTok. [...] Snapchat confirmed that it is in the early stages of exploring different, immersive visual formats for content from its community, and a spokesperson said, “We’re always experimenting with new ways to bring immersive and engaging content to our mobile-first Snapchat community.” Read more:

Facebook to Launch Officially Licensed Music Videos in the US Next Month (TechCrunch)

Facebook is preparing to launch officially licensed music videos on its social network in the U.S. next month, in a direct challenge to YouTube. In materials reviewed by TechCrunch, Facebook informed Page owners linked to artists they’ll need to toggle on a new setting to add their music videos to their page ahead of an August 1st deadline, at which point Facebook will automatically create a page of their videos if no action had been taken. Read more:

Report: Millennials, Generation Z Turn to Social Media First for Health Advice (Forbes)

A concerning new study reports the majority of millennials and members of Generation Z rely first on social media platforms for their health information. A situation made necessary partly by quarantine conditions, it would indicate those age groups are at the mercy of social media sources’ sometimes dubious accuracy. Read more:

Google Invests $10 billion into Developing India's Digital Ecosystem (Social Media Today)

If you wanted yet another reminder of the significance of India and its developing digital opportunities, Google's latest announcement further underlines how much the major tech platforms are expecting from the region. As per Google CEO Sundar Pichai: "Today, I’m excited to announce the Google for India Digitization Fund. Through this effort, we will invest ₹75,000 crore, or approximately $10 billion, into India over the next 5-7 years. We’ll do this through a mix of equity investments, partnerships, and operational, infrastructure and ecosystem investments. This is a reflection of our confidence in the future of India and its digital economy." Read more:

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