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Digital News: January 6, 2021

Instagram Tests New Stories Layout on Desktop (Social Media Today)

Instagram is testing out a new format for the display of Stories on the desktop version of the platform, which is designed to make it easier to scroll through the various Stories from the profiles you follow on the bigger screen. Read more:

Snapchat to Push Ecommerce with New Bitmoji Fashion (Social Barrel)

Snapchat will expand its push towards ecommerce. It is set to provide new clothes for Bitmoji characters that users can choose from. You can get to dress up your Bitmoji avatar with the latest fashion items from various retailers. Read more:

Twitter’s POTUS Account Will Reportedly be Reset to Zero Followers When Biden Takes Over (TechCrunch)

In this country, we have a longstanding peaceful transfer of power for the executive office, even in the wake of the hardest-fought elections. [...] According to Biden’s digital director, the POTUS and White House accounts will also reset to zero followers, marking a change over the Obama to Trump transition. Read more:

3 Ways to Use Instagram's New Keyword Search Option to Grow Your Business (Social Media Today)

Instagram's recent keyword search change may not be the platform’s “sexiest” update, but it is a very useful one. As marketers, we’ve all been waiting for this one, because this update may help your posts get found even if you haven’t used a specific hashtag – which has been the only way to really search for content on the network until now. Read more:

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