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December 5, 2019

Twitter to Add a Way to ‘Memorialize’ Accounts for Deceased Users Before Removing Inactive Ones (TechCrunch)

Twitter has changed its tune regarding inactive accounts after receiving a lot of user feedback: It will now be developing a way to “memorialize” user accounts for those who have passed away, before proceeding with a plan it confirmed this week to deactivate accounts that are inactive in order to “present more accurate, credible information” on the service. Read more:

Facebook’s New Tool Lets You Transfer Pictures to Google Photos (The Verge)

Facebook is releasing a new tool today that will allow its users to transfer photos directly to Google Photos. The tool is being released initially in Ireland, and will be available worldwide in the first half of 2020. “For almost a decade, we’ve enabled people to download their information from Facebook,” explains Steve Satterfield, director of privacy and public policy at Facebook. “The photo transfer tool we’re starting to roll out today is based on code developed through our participation in the open-source Data Transfer Project.” Read more:

Instagram Finally Launches 13+ Age Checkups (TechCrunch)

Instagram is done playing dumb about users’ ages. After nine years, Instagram is finally embracing more responsibility to protect underage kids from the problems with social media. It will now ask new users to input their birth date and bar users younger than 13 from joining. However, it won’t be asking existing users their age, so Instagram will turn a blind eye to any underage kids already amongst its 1 billion members. Read more:

Facebook Adds New Measures to Enforce Targeting Restrictions on Potentially Discriminatory Ad Types (Social Media Today)

Following on from its efforts to limit discriminatory audience targeting in ads related to housing, employment or credit opportunities, Facebook has this week announced two new measures to further enforce its additional rules, and provide more transparency into its process. Read more:

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