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August 9, 2019

Facebook Adds New Slideshow Option to Facebook Stories to Boost Usage (Social Media Today)

In it's latest attempt to get more people using Facebook Stories, Facebook has introduced a new Stories option, which will enable users to add a still image slideshow to their Story. Read more:

Instagram's Lax Privacy Practices Let a Trusted Partner Track Millions of Users' Physical Locations, Secretly Save Their Stories, and Flout Its Rules (Business Insider)

A combination of configuration errors and lax oversight by Instagram allowed one of the social network's vetted advertising partners to misappropriate vast amounts of public user data and create detailed records of users' physical whereabouts, personal bios, and photos that were intended to vanish after 24 hours.

The profiles, which were scraped and stitched together by the San Francisco-based marketing firm Hyp3r, were a clear violation of Instagram's rules. But it all occurred under Instagram's nose for the past year by a firm that Instagram had blessed as one of its preferred "Facebook Marketing Partners." Read more:

Reports Say White House Has Drafted an Order Putting the FCC in Charge of Monitoring Social Media (TechCrunch)

The White House is contemplating issuing an executive order that would widen its attack on the operations of social media companies.

The White House has prepared an executive order called “Protecting Americans from Online Censorship” that would give the Federal Communications Commission oversight of how Facebook, Twitter and other tech companies monitor and manage their social networks, according to a CNN report. Read more:

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