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August 16, 2019

LGBTQ Creators Sue YouTube for Alleged Discrimination (Forbes)

A group of LGBTQ YouTubers have alleged in a federal lawsuit that YouTube and its parent company Google discriminate against LGBTQ creators by unfairly restricting their ability to make money from advertising and purposefully making it more difficult for their videos to reach a wider audience. Read more:

Snapchat Announces New Version of Spectacles, with Improved Camera Capacity (Social Media Today)

Despite various setbacks, and moderate popularity, Snapchat is still pushing ahead with its Spectacles, its camera-enabled sunglasses which enable you to film what you're seeing at any given time. The latest development on this front is "Spectacles 3", a new generation of the device which will include improved capture capacity, with 3D depth-of-field in captured content. Read more:

Instagram Says Growth Hackers Are Behind Spate of Fake Stories Views (TechCrunch)

If you use Instagram and have noticed a bunch of strangers watching your Stories in recent months — accounts that don’t follow you and seem to be Russian — well, you’re not alone. Nor are you being primed for a Russian disinformation campaign. At least, probably not. But you’re right to smell a fake. Read more:

Instagram's Launching a New Option for Reporting Misinformation as On-Platform Scams Grow (Social Media Today)

Instagram is testing a new option which will enable users to report misinformation on the platform, the latest in Facebook's broader efforts to slow the spread of fake and misleading content across its platforms. Read more:

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