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August 13, 2019

Prepare Yourselves for a Deluge of New AR Filters on Instagram (Engadget)

As of today, anyone can create AR filters and effects for Instagram. Facebook has opened Spark AR -- the tool responsible for pretty much every AR experience you've encountered across Facebook's products -- to the Instagramming public.

Facebook first announced that it would allow Instagram users to create their own AR effects at its F8 developers conference this spring. But the news was overshadowed a bit by all of the other big announcements. Since then, Spark AR has been shared with select Instagram users in a closed beta. Today, it's released to the wild as a public beta. Read more:

Facebook Takes First Steps Towards Building a Dedicated, 'Trusted' News Section (Social Media Today)

Back in April, as part of an interview with Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Axel Springer, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg flagged The Social Network's intent to create a new, dedicated news tab within Facebook, which would showcase content from, in Zuckerberg's words, 'high quality, trusted' sources. [...] And this week, reports have suggested that Facebook is taking this idea to the next stage - according to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is now offering news outlets "millions of dollars" for the rights to put their content in a dedicated news section, which Facebook is looking to launch before the end of the year. Read more:

Twitter’s Latest Test Lets Users Subscribe to a Tweet’s Replies (TechCrunch)

Twitter in more recent months has been focused on making conversations on its platform easier to follow, participate in and, in some cases, block. The company’s latest test, announced via a tweet ahead of the weekend, will allow users to subscribe to replies to a particularly interesting tweet they want to follow, too, in order to see how the conversation progresses. The feature is designed to complement the existing notifications feature you may have turned on for your “must-follow” accounts. Read more:

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