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5 Top Tips to Convert Online Sales

Why do some brands kill it online, while others can’t seem to get it together? Actually, it may come down to the following five factors...

1. Always Run an Integrated Campaign

Most digital marketing campaigns take advantage of multiple platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.) – which is a very good thing. But it’s amazing how many of these campaigns do not take an *integrated* approach.

Before spending money on ads, ask yourself the following question: “Are all my platforms working together to promote the same, coherent message – or conversely, are they just doing their own, random things?”

For example, a user may see a video ad for a brand’s new fall boots on social. They click to site and immediately see more enticing images of the same fall boots. Later, they encounter a remarketing ad from the brand with 10% off those same stylin’ fall boots.

Or, a repeat customer receives an email from a brand about a holiday promotion that they click on. Then they encounter a carousel ad for that same holiday promotion on social via Facebook remarketing. Finally, they’re perusing a blog and are served a Google remarketing ad showcasing more products from that same holiday promotion.

In these examples, you can see how different platforms can work together to seed a specific message – and create a cohesive experience that entices the user. A brand needs to decide what it is they want to communicate, and echo elements of that concept across all platforms.

2. Explore Different Ad Sets

Some brands never discover big selling opportunities because they don’t fully explore different ad sets.

Let’s say your brand sells unique cacti from a funky shop in Brooklyn. You will of course make an ad set for plant enthusiasts. And you will of course make an ad set for cacti people. But have you considered an ad set for home furnishings, or one for gifts, and what about Brooklynites?

If you’re not exploring different ad sets, you may be missing out on some great opportunities to sell even more.

3. Test Everything.

Once you launch ads, your money will continue pouring out every day until you stop them. Perhaps you’ll start making some good sales as a result. But are you getting the most bang for your buck, the highest ROI possible?

In order to know for sure, you’re going to want to test everything. For example, perhaps one platform gives you a much lower cost-per-click than another. So you double down on that one. Maybe one ad format is producing much better results. So you begin replicating that same ad format. Or it might be the creative asset – as you find video ads as opposed to image ads are leading to more conversions for less money.

It’s important to A/B test everything you can, so you know you’re taking the best approach, which is leading to the most ROI.

4. Constantly Monitor Data & Analytics

For any campaign, the data will reveal the true story of your performance. If you pay close attention to what the data is telling you, you can pivot quick and make key adjustments to save money and generate the best ROI you can.

If the data shows that certain ad sets are not producing at all but others are crushing it, you’ll want to stop the low performance ads and focus in on the productive ad sets. Then, go deeper.

Which audiences are producing the best results? Are there any specific key terms you’re finding that are performing better? Look closer at the data to find what’s working, and get to the bottom of why that is. You’ll obviously want to think about underscoring those ads further or creating more along those lines.

5. Consider a Trial If You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to begin your campaign with a ‘trial’ budget. Because… you might just want to know what’s working before you throw a massive monthly budget behind your ads.

However, don’t make the mistake of penny-pinching either. You’ll need to “fill out your funnel” with new target consumers, and then re-engage them with remarketing – and to do this, you’ll need some dollars. It’s important to invest enough so that your trial can reach critical mass to give accurate data insights. Because you’ll end up following those same key learnings when it’s time to crank up your budget.

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