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Digital News: March 10, 2021

Instagram Will Relaunch its Lite App in 170 Countries with Support for Reels (The Verge)

Instagram launched its smaller Lite app in 2018 only to pull it from the Play Store in spring of last year. Now, the app’s getting a relaunch with new features and a slightly larger file size. Instagram announced today that the app will start rolling out on Android to 170 countries, including the US, through the Play Store, and that the new app requires only two megabytes, compared to the regular Instagram app’s 30MB. Read more:

TikTok Adds New Comment Review Option, Providing More Control for Creators (Social Media Today)

TikTok has added a new option which gives creators more control over the comments that appear on their clips, with the capacity to filter all comments as they come through, and approve or deny as you see fit. Read more:

Twitter Tests New E-commerce Features for Tweets (TechCrunch)

Twitter confirmed it’s testing a new way to display tweets that link out to e-commerce product pages — like products on a Shopify store, for example. With a new Twitter card format, the company is experimenting with tweets that include a big “Shop” button and integrate product details directly into the tweet itself, including the product name, shop name and product pricing. Read more:

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