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May 6, 2020

You Can Now Hug On Facebook. The Question Remains: Does It Matter? (Forbes) [...] Recently, Facebook at least made an attempt to express ourselves in a new way. Joining the existing “reactions” available now (such as love, anger, and laughter), the social media giant added a new option. It looks like you are hugging a heart and it’s called care. There’s also a new heart reaction for Messenger. Read more: Instagram is Adding Some New Font Types for Stories (Social Media Today) Here’s a quick but interesting, one – Instagram is rolling out some new font options for Stories, including new background effects to make your text stand out. Read more: TikTok Tops 2 Billion Downloads (TechCrunch) TikTok, the widely popular video sharing app developed by one of the world’s most valued startups (ByteDance), continues to grow rapidly despite suspicion from the U.S. as more people look for ways to keep themselves entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic. The global app and its Chinese version, called Douyin, have amassed over 2 billion downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Read more: Apple and Google Launch First Phase of COVID-19 Contact Tracing. Will Americans Use It? (Forbes) Yesterday, Apple and Google launched the first phase of their joint effort to help track the spread of COVID-19. The two tech companies have begun testing an initial version of their exposure notification API that should help public health authorities contain the spread of coronavirus by quickly identifying people who might have been exposed to new cases. It will be widely available to most public health agencies by mid-May. Read more:

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